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20-27 August 2017: Summer School Cambridge

We are organizing the Research MIMOmics Summer School in Cambridge (20th -27th August).
For information and application see here.

The summer school consists of 3 parts:
• A set of introductory lectures will guide the students in omics and statistical technologies.
• State of the art epidemiology methods and bioinformatics applications will be given by scientists during the Dissemination Workshop of MIMOmics.
• Hands-on training and research projects will be provided for small groups of students (2-4). Students will be able to choose from a series of research projects.

It is intended to train a new generation of statistical omics scientists of the biological and technological background for data measurements and for data analysis methodologies. The target group of applicant is from last year of Bachelor to 1st-2nd year of PhD.
Registration open till July 5th.

29 June 2017: F2F meeting in Leeds

The F2F meeting on June 29th, 2017 will take place in Leeds. The program will be from 9-17 hr and the location will be room 9.58b in the Worsley building. Information on the location can be found here, and campus map can be downloaded.

The Worsley Building is number 95 on the campus map, with the main entrance on the Clarendon Way. However, please note that Clarendon Way is currently not a through road to traffic due to roadworks, although it is ok for pedestrians.