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About MIMOmics

MIMOmics (Methods for Integrated analysis of multiple Omics datasets) is a FP7-HEALTH-2012 Innovation project funded by the European Commission, running from October 2012 till October 2017, coordinated by the Leiden University Medical Center.
Summary of the project

23-24 September 2014 : Second annual meeting

The second annual meeting of the MIMOmics consortium was organized in Rome and took place on September 23-24, 2014. The afternoon before the start of the meeting a number of participants already gathered for a walk along historical sites in the city.

During the meeting the progress of the project was discussed with all partners. Furthermore a connection was made with the Italian flagship project InterOmics. This project bears a lot of similarities with MIMOmics but puts more emphasis on bioinformatics. In the afternoon of September 24 a joint course was organized for PhD-students and young post docs from both consortia. At the annual meeting of InterOmics on September 25, 2014, a number of MIMOmics researchers gave an outline of their work which was well received.
Programme InterOmics & MIMOmics Symposium 2014


4-5 October 2013 : First annual meeting

On October 4-5, 2013 the first annual meeting of the MIMOmics consortium took place in Split, Croatia. It was a pleasant meeting with a lot of discussion between the partners. Quite some work has been done already in the first year of the project. The coming year the consortium members will focus on further enhancement of collaboration and integration. Working jointly on consortium datasets that have been made available by partners within MIMOmics will enhance scientific connections.


The MIMOmics members collaborate with other consortia involved in issues regarding Omics datasets. Prior to the annual meeting, on Wednesday afternoon October 3, a course was organized in which  MIMOmics partners exchanged information with partners of the FP7 project

The next annual meeting for MIMOmics is scheduled for 23-25 September, 2014 and will take place in Rome. MIMOmics will organize a joint course with members of the InterOmics consortium.


29-30 November 2012 : Kick-off meeting

The MIMOmics project has started on October 1, 2012. The kick-off meeting took place in Leiden, The Netherlands, on November 29-30, 2012. Within the project researchers from eight universities and six companies are working together. During the meeting the goals of the project and the planning for activities in the coming year were discussed. It was a motivating meeting where the participants had the opportunity to learn more about each others expertise.

Kick-off meeting MIMOmics